The Most Gorgeous Rainy Day with a Rainbow Wedding in Ohio

When we first met with Chase & Kasey for their rock quarry engagement session last September, we knew that we were kindred spirits. In the months leading up to their wedding, we have been honored to get to know them and hear more of their story; they have shared with us, not only through conversation, but consistently and publicly through social media. With each new #chasingkase post they shared--whether it was a letter, a memory from their nine-year relationship, or an open prayer--our hearts have been inspired and uplifted by their selfless love. Their public praise of the other's character and their ceaseless gratitude toward God for what they repeatedly described as their most treasured gift, demonstrated to us the purest truth found in love.

Finally the wait was over, and their May wedding day at Pine Springs Estate literally arrived with the sureness of spring rains. It intermittently poured, but misted continuously from morning to night. Most of the time, rain is not welcomed on a wedding day, but for Chase and Kasey, only thinking of their future together, they chose to embrace its blessings; and it certainly was a gift for the senses.

To tell stories in their context and give a reference of time, Joshua and I like to walk around venue properties and take photographs of the location's surroundings and capture elements of the weather. So as we strolled through the wondrous mist around this Union, Ohio home, low and soothing sounds like a cello bowed, met our ears. With each droplet that kissed the garden landscape, a new and resonating song rose through the atmosphere with the calm wind. The ozone released its perfume, as it accentuated the fragrance of earth's skin; the vibrant foliage and its muddy home smelt heavenly under the precipitation.

In rain boots and under clear umbrellas, we walked back to the Estate home, utilized every ounce of window light we could find and left plenty of time for them to just be. Reflection and enjoyment are words that embody two very priceless gifts on a wedding day--and this beautiful couple, their best friends and family, never feeling rushed or worried, had both. 

After the sweetest first look and family portraits on the big front porch, everyone walked through a row of towering cedars to the white canopy for the ceremony. The ceremonial moments were filled with love brimming to overflow. At one point, the bridal party gathered around the couple and literally prayed over them. At the amen, all where in joyful tears, and embraced one another with deepest gratitude for this long awaited event. After saying their handwritten vows, Chase and Kasey were at last pronounced husband and wife; and the celebration was in fullest motion in everyone's hearts.

The day was coming to a close, and we thought it could not get any more wonderful; but then, the setting sun broke through the silvery sky and transformed it with a gradient of brilliant oranges. Its crescendo, as you may have already guessed, was the most radiant double rainbow we have ever witnessed. It was a visual representation of their covenant on that day.

In closing, we hope Chase and Kasey's story inspires future brides & grooms to let go and embrace whatever may happen on their wedding day. Amidst dark skies and unrelenting rain, there is still beauty and perfection. After all, a wedding is not a marriage, and wedding is just a momentary commemoration of a lifelong commitment to your best friend. You can't control the weather, but you can choose to dance in the rain.

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