In the White Mountains with Mikayla & Luke

Hidden in New Hampshire's White Mountains like a diamond in the rough, we found a trail to Mount Willard Point in Crawford Notch State Park. After hiking a steady incline for a bit less than 2 miles, up ahead, we could finally see a clearing in the woodland. As we walked the final stretch of path, the air was calm and moist, causing the earth to delight our senses with its cedar aroma. Just before making it to the top, a returning hiker warned us of the extreme wind that we were about to encounter. And then, stepping from beneath the trees onto the precipitous rocky cliff, we were blasted with damp clouds and stunned by wonder.  

Here, we witnessed the best view we have seen in the White Mountains, the full spectrum of Crawford Notch. It was cold, mostly due to the approaching weekend storm, but we embraced it as hard as we knew how to. 

Mikayla let down her hair to allow the wind to whip it as it willed, and Luke, bundled his bride to keep her warm.

Their fierce love, complimented by the fiercest wind, was wildly beautiful. With each gust, in flashes and glimpses, raindrops defied normality and fell upward to kiss us. These are the type of moments in life that leave us speechless, yet filled. This is adventure.

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