The Most Beautiful AirBnB Family Wedding in Ohio

In the middle of the rainiest May, the sky greeted Ben & Hannah’s wedding day with nothing but the sun’s golden beams and warmth. Because the unrelenting spring had been flooding the area, no one knew what to expect. However, when the long-awaited thirteenth finally arrived, the ground was dry and the weather was flawless.


When Ben & Hannah reached out to us about photographing their wedding day, they originally chose an old Victorian style AirBnB home in northern Indiana. Not long before their date, however, the host had to cancel their reservation. It was definitely a trying and heartbreaking situation, but after some digging (and a little pleading with the owners) they were able to book Terrapin Village Bed & Breakfast in Oregonia, Ohio; and this site was better than Ben & Hannah could ever imagine.

As their family members arrived at Terrapin Village, they drove down into the valley and saw sights of a historical covered bridge over a pristine dammed creek and a waterfall cascading over its stones. On the right stood a red-roofed mill house, shaded by towering sycamore trees. Just rustic enough to give it that aged charm, the mill house was in every way a pleasing ascetic to the eyes. Its wooden floors, stone fireplace, gigantic beams and huge cross paned windows, allowing the rooms to be filled with natural light, added to its appeal.

Right beside the mill house, Ben & Hannah had their intimate ceremony. The runner that they used is special to Ben’s family because it is handcrafted by the Amani women in Africa. As they waited to adopt their littlest sister, Ben’s family lived in Africa for a time. True to the culture, the tapestry is arrayed with bright colors and sayings about marriage, and it was used by both his sisters at their weddings.

Tears streamed down Ben face as he watched Hannah approaching him with her father; and Hannah gleamed with excitement as she breathed in deeply, taking in every moment. Both their dads officiated the wedding, and when they were married, every one threw flower petals in the air.

The blacksmith barn on the other side of the creek is where Ben and Hannah had their family dinner.

Ben’s siblings prepared the cocktails, espresso and coffee pour overs (checkout Juniper Coffee Cart); and for supper everyone enjoyed homemade Indian food. Owner of the Bakiest in Cincinnati, Hannah wanted to make her own cake for their wedding. It was the best collaboration and most celebratory family dinner we’ve experienced.

Bistro light strung across the property created the perfect mood for the emotional speeches given by Ben’s brother and Hannah’s sister. And as the sun set, and the stars came out, the tribe danced the night away.

We’re grateful for intimate experiences like this, and even more so for the people who invite us into them. Ben & Hannah, you’re both incredible people and we’re thankful for you and thankful to be your wedding photographers. We will always remember your celebration as one of the very best of our career.


Eastlyn Bright & Joshua Lee are adventure wedding, engagement & elopement photographers based in Ohio Midwest, but travel often to places like Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, California and the National Parks for sessions and weddings. 

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