10 Reasons to Switch to Cloudspot Today!

What is CloudSpot? CloudSpot is a fully customizable gallery service for photographers to send images to clients. Within CloudSpot photographers can also sell prints and products, run promotions, receive client-selection image lists for albums, share slideshows and even videos.

With many other gallery services to choose from, we’ve narrowed down a list of ten reason why we think Cloudspot is the very best.

1. CloudSpot is created and supported by photographers who get it

This fact alone truly makes CloudSpot shine brighter than their competition. If we ever have an issue, the team is readily available to help, understands from a photographer’s perspective, and is always open to feedback to continually make CloudSpot the best it can possibly be.

cloudspot designed by photographers copy.jpg

2. CloudSpot is endorsed and used by industry leaders

Benj Hasih, Sean Flannigan, Katelyn James, Pablo Béglez, Wyn Wiley are just some of the incredible photographers that are part of the CloudSpot family. These photographers’ reputation of excellence alone prove the excellence of CloudSpot.

The ease of use, the clean galleries, the client experience, and the awesome customer service are all qualities praised by these photographers and more (including US!)—you can read even more testimonials here.

Cloudspot gallery review.png

3. CloudSpot supports multiple file types, like GIFs

Our personal favorite feature of CloudSpot is the GIF support. By being able to upload our animated gif files directly into client galleries, we’re able to take the client experience to a new level—animated images make galleries come to life with real emotion and contribute greatly to our storytelling method of photography.

Like what you see? Check out this GIF-packed Sequoia NP winter elopement story here.

4. CloudSpot allows a “no hassle client experience”

CloudSpot gives photographers the option to add a direct download button in the first email sent to clients. A lot of other gallery providers (including several we used before we discovered CloudSpot), make clients jump through hoops and take multiple steps to request a download link. CloudSpot eliminates the hassle by providing a link to a zipped folder directly in an e-mail. No worries—the e-mail also gives a direct link to the client’s online gallery so they can see all their images, side-by-side, in a beautifully displayed collection from any device.

This is an example of what one of our e-mails using CloudSpot looks like:

cloudspot gallery review 4.jpg

5. CloudSpot Supports Mobile Use

Photographers that use CloudSpot can access their dashboard from a mobile browser and do pretty much any action, including creating, editing and sending galleries to clients, blogs and vendors. Photographers, as well as clients, can also save images to a phone for social media.

Below is an example of what the CloudSpot mobile interface looks like for both photographers (top row), and for clients (bottom row):

cloudspot gallery mobile sharing review.jpg
Cloudspot review for mobile.jpg

6.  add a video or slideshow directly in a CloudSpot galley

With hundreds of images to look through, sometimes a wedding gallery can be a little overwhelming to our clients and their loved ones. Including a “storytelling” slideshow into our client experience has helped us put it all back in perspective for our clients. And our couples agree. One bride told us: “thank you for creating the slideshow, it really is an (unexpected) awesome, tangible and shareable way to experience the images and the moments you captured within them.”

Many other couples have shared with us that the experience of the wedding slideshow is a much better way of sharing their photos with their families.

CloudSpot allows its users to add a SmartSlides (which is the service we use), Animoto, Vemio, or Youtube slideshow/video directly into the gallery (which is also great news for photographers/videographers combined who want to present everything to their clients at once and in one place).

Cloudspot gallery review smartslides.png

7.  CloudSpot includes a fully customizable, 0% commission print store

That’s right—100% of the profit we make, stays in our pocket.

For the auto-fulfillment option, CloudSpot has partnered with WHCC; so we are confident that our clients are receiving top-quality prints. If you want to use a different photo lab, you can also chose a self-fulfillment option when you set-up your store. Everything is customizable, including pricing and sales tax for each state/province.

cloudspot gallery review print store.png

8. CloudSpot has a “banner” feature to help promote sales for all gallery visitors

When we send a gallery to clients, in all likelihood, our clients are going to be forwarding it on to their friends and family too. Promoting a sale directly in the gallery, especially a time-limited one, is a good incentive for clients to buy prints directly from us.

eastlyn and joshua cloudspot sales banner review.png

9. CloudSpot allows clients to create multiple favorite lists in their gallery

Whether our client is curating a collection of images to share on Facebook or making selections for an album, the multiple lists feature that CloudSpot provides makes this super easy (for the client and for us!)

cloudspot review clients favorite lists.png

10. Sign-up with CloudSpot today and receive 20% off any plan for an entire year!

Don’t just take our word for it, try CloudSpot out for yourself. We know it can be daunting to make a switch like this, to help with the transition, CloudSpot offers free consultations to answer any questions you have about using CloudSpot for your business.

And on top of that, CloudSpot is also offering new customers 20% off any plan for an entire year! Click here to find out more and to make the switch today.

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