The Most Romantic Engagement Pictures in a Treehouse

As dawn broke on this cold February day, the brisk southwestern wind whistled through the surrounding woodland, and the first light of day filled the tree house cabin with its warm good morning rays. Stephen started the morning by making Dagger Mountain Coffee pour-overs, and he and Kaity enjoyed the warmth of their mugs as they cuddled on the corner couch. The rest of the day was filled with music, worship and a little bit of forest dancing.

Stephen and Kaity are incredible people and truly are shining lights in this dark and hurting world, and we wanted their photos to compliment that truth. So as it illumined their genuine love, and formed around their embrace, Joshua and I were determined to make the morning rays feel tangible. With a special technique, and the use of shadows and harsh lighting, we were able to accomplish our goal for their photos in the tree house.

Joshua and I are so humbled and honored to be part of their lives, not only in photography, but also to be their friends. We love them.