These Unique Engagement Photos Will Make You Want to Explore a Rock Quarry

Sometimes it's hard to find descriptive words that are not cliche, but the more I think of it, the more I realize that words only becomes a cliche when they're proved over-and-over-again true. And that's what we found with Chase & Kasey: With hearts to inspire and help the next generation, they're truly best friends of more than seven years, and the perfect, balanced match.

Like-minded with each other, and like-minded with us, they were willing to spend hours in the unseasonably hot sun, hop across boulders and sit on cliff edges. This old Midwestern gravel quarry could have easily been mistaken for a southwestern desert or a landscape from a safari cinematic scene.

Chase & Kasey, we hope you enjoy these frames, as much as we enjoyed spending time with you.