Breathtaking Views and Romance in these Canyonlands Engagement Photos

Stewart and Mindy traveled three hours from Salt Lake City to meet Joshua and me at the Island in the Sky in Canyonlands National Park. When we first arrived, the entire park was covered in a dense fog and we couldn't even see ten feet in front of us. Typically I prefer fog, but in this case, it was making it impossible to see into the canyon. I directed Stewart and Mindy where to stand and then, right before our eyes, the fog began to fall, giving real meaning to its name, Island in the Sky.

Everything about this day was incredible. Obviously the views blew our minds, but it was this couple that made it special. Their genuine hearts and authenticity, their love for each other and others, their willingness to meet two strangers in the middle of nowhere and create moments of connection like this--whoa.

Wonderful, they're so so much wonderful.