Tyler & Haylee | Cincinnati, Ohio Wedding Engagement Photographer

I think that if you let me,I’d treat you like the sky, I’d join up all your insecurities and bundle all your flaws. I’d create a new constellation and search for it endlessly. I know you don’t see yourself, the way I see you. And you still argue, when I call you beautiful. But all the things you can’t stand about yourself, are all the things I can’t go a day without. I think that if you let me, I’d build an observatory, just to show you that all stars will never shine as bright as you.
— Courtney Peppernell

Tyler and Haylee are both incredible and inspiring. They met in middle school and have pretty much been dating ever since. Last spring, they fulfilled a dream and backpacked throughout Europe. It was on that adventure, on an ancient street in Rome, that Tyler proposed to Haylee, who without hesitation, said yes. Tyler, who is a video blogger, did an outstanding job at capturing not only the proposal moment, but the entire story intricately woven in by his sincere love for Haylee and her family, especially her father. If you'd like to see the story for yourself, and I highly recommended it, please watch the video below (and if you're on YouTube, subscribe to Tyler's channel!):

Joshua and I photographed Tyler and Haylee's engagement photos in Cincinnati--the city where they grew up, met and knew they loved each other. It happened to be one of the darkest days of the year, and because Tyler is now living in Utah and was going to be returning there soon, we couldn't reschedule the session for a better day. After taking a few shots by the Ohio river, we decided to head to a parking garage downtown. For the sake of light, parking garages are always my go to option in the city when weather conditions are too dark. Rather than the location, I focused in on the intimate connection between Tyler and Haylee. In these images, it's apparent, how incandescently happy and in love they really are.


We're so stoked about their wedding this June!